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Woojer Edge series products can be connected to any standard audio source via a 3.5mm cable, USB-C connection, or via a Bluetooth connection. The Vest Edge™ works in stereo mode, dividing the transducers into two groups – 3 left & 3 right. (See main differences between the Vest and the Strap below)

Absolutely! Both products connect to any standard audio source. To connect to game consoles, you can use either the console’s controller output jack or a TV audio output jack. For wireless connection, you’ll need an external Bluetooth transmitter.

Yes. You’ll just need to connect it through a 3.5mm audio / USB-C, or through a Bluetooth connection. No driver is required, no setup is needed.

Yes. Both products can be easily connected to VR devices, whether it’s a stationary or a room-scale VR. In certain VR headsets (e.g.: Oculus Quest), you’ll have to connect external headphones instead of the HMD built-in speakers/headphones. Some setups require applying audio-mirroring on your PC.

Yes. You can enjoy a full wireless experience as long as your audio source supports dual Bluetooth connectivity (such as Samsung 8 and above) or with an external Bluetooth splitter. iPhones currently do not support dual Bluetooth for non-Apple products so until they do, you should use a Bluetooth transmitter.

Woojer gives physical sensation to any content you hear. It provides music producers with an extraordinary tool for precise music production.

Strap Edge™ has one OSCI™ TRX52 transducer, Vest Edge™ has six. Vest gives you a stereo haptic experience, since its transducers are divided to two groups – left and right. In the Strap Edge™ the transducer can be positioned on your spine, on your sternum, or on your waist. The Vest’s transducers’ positions are: two on the sides, two on the back, two on the front. Strap Edge™ has one Lithium-ion 3350mAh, 4.2V battery. The Vest Edge™ has 4 X Lithium-ion battery pack (3350mAh, 14.5V).

Up to 8 hours playtime, depending on usage and volume/sensation level.
Approximately 3 hours for the Strap and 1.5 hours for the Vest when using its provided fast charger.
Vest Edge™ has six sensory points (OSCI™ TRX52 transducers). 2 on the back, 2 on the sides, and 2 on the front (chest).
Woojer Edge products are equipped with Qualcomm™ CSR APTX low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 chip. This chip is especially designed to provide high-quality, low-latency sound stream. However, to get the best results, your audio source must support APTX low-latency as well. Of course, other Bluetooth audio protocols and former Bluetooth versions (A2DP / Bluetooth 4.2) are supported as well.

Both products are designed to meet all relevant UL (60065), CE (60065) and FCC regulations. The EMF Magnetic Field is ~5% of the ICNIRP safety guidelines. For more information, read here – http://www.icnirp.org/cms/upload/publications/ICNIRPemfgdl.pdf

No, in the same manner that pacemakers must not have any magnets in their vicinity. (Woojer products contain permanent magnets).

The frequency response is1-200Hz
No. It is silent to the outside – so you can play your favorite game for hours on end, at any sensation level you want and still never disturb anyone.
Of course. You can connect your Vest Edge™ or Strap Edge™ to your TV or mobile to enjoy an immersive sensory experience. For TV, use the 3.5mm output jack or a Bluetooth connection. Note that not all TV sets have these output types.
No. They can be wiped down with a wet cloth.
No. Treat them similar to your cellphone or your game console.

Of course! And you’ll be truly amazed! Woojer’s tactile sensation is phenomenal for the hearing impaired and even for the deaf.

Both Strap and Vest are designed to be “One size fits all”. The adjusting straps stretch up to 65 inches.
Vest Edge™ weights about 4lb 13oz (2kg). Strap Edge™ weights about 8.45oz (240g).

Yes, the vibration volume levels are independently controlled by the buttons on the front panel of the device.

Yes. You’ll need to configure your operating system to output to both devices simultaneously. If your headphones have a separated base station, and it contains an additional 3.5mm output – you can use this one for your Woojer.

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